World Championship2018

France won in the finals of the 2018 World Cup, having played 4: 2 with Croatia

And the second time in history he became the champion.

Antoine Grizmann. Reuters photo

The account was opened at the 18th minute by Croatian striker Mario Mandzhukich. In an attempt to win martial arts, he redirected the ball into his own goal, allowing the first own goal in the history of the finals of the World Cup.

Ten minutes later Croats equalized. At the 28th minute Ivan Perisic struck from the left foot in the far corner with a slight rebound from the French defender, and goalkeeper Hugo Lloris could not reach the ball.

However, after ten minutes the French recouped. At the 38th minute striker Antoine Grismann brought the team forward, breaking through the penalty area in the left corner under the goalkeeper. Penalty in the goal of the Croatian national team was appointed after Perisic in the penalty area hit the ball with his left hand.


Grismann celebrated his goal with a dance from the Fortnite video game
However, to see the violation, referee Nestor Pitan took advantage of the video replay, and he had to look at the controversial situation several times. Three days before the match, Pitana commented on his appointment as a referee in his tweet in Russian.

In the second half, an incident occurred on the field: at the 52nd minute four people ran out onto the field, including a girl dressed in police uniform. They managed to reach the center of the field before the security detained them and led them away. As it turned out, it was a political action by Pussy Riot “The militiaman comes into play.”

After the incident, the French went into a confident attack. Paul Pogba scored the third goal in the 59th minute, and Kilian Mbappa in the 65th minute brought the score to 4: 1 in favor of France.

The Goal of Bend

Goal Mbappa
However, in the 68th minute, Mario Mandzhukich took advantage of a mistake in protecting the French and reduced the gap. Too slow transfer to the goalkeeper led to the fact that Lloris did not manage to knock out the ball, and Manjukich, quickly shortening the distance, sent the ball into the goal

Goal of Manjukic to the gates of France
The French national team became the world football champion for the second time in history. Previously, she won the World Cup final in 1998, scoring three goals (two – Zinedine Zidane, one – Emmanuel Petit) to the Brazil national team.

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