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World Cup 2018: a funny coincidence

Fishing village. Kaliningrad

There is a lot of English speech on the Moscow-St. Petersburg airplane. Today is the match for third place between England and Belgium. For me this is the second match in the championship, guess what was the first. If you watch this fucking World Cup, you already smiled.

Both tickets I bought before the championship: 28.06 in Kaliningrad. 14.07 in St. Petersburg.

England – Belgium became the only teams in the World Cup 2018, which will meet twice during the tournament

Kaliningrad. The atmosphere of Europe. Football disappointments and the Curonian Spit.

If not for this match, I would not have thought to visit Kaliningrad for a long time. The expectation of steep football from two talented teams and the opportunity to see the westernmost part of Russia, opted for this city. But England and Belgium had no claims to the first place, which almost guaranteed an early meeting with Brazil. Trainers gave rest to the players. Therefore, in both teams, there were more than 15 changes in the composition. There was no Azar – Lukaku – de Breigne – Mertens, England did not play Kane – Allie – Walker. Football, unfortunately, did not happen .. and I focused on Kaliningrad and the region, namely the Curonian Spit.

The Kaliningrad region is the Russian semi-exclave. Local residents often go abroad to Poland and Lithuania. The Kaliningrad passport is issued free of charge, the state duty is not charged for it. Its presence is a compulsory necessity: without a passport it is not possible to obtain a visa.

7 days is enough to scout the city and go to the Curonian Spit. Numerous forts, in which the spirit of wartime is felt, buildings in the European style – all this deserves attention.

I think Kaliningrad and the region will like many people who were not here.

The Curonian Spit

The Curonian Spit is the largest sand body, which has no analogs in the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site is included. I advise you to rent bicycles and visit the Dancing Forest. If there are forces, go to the border with Lithuania.

Football here will not be (forgive the Baltics or who else can play here), in my presence it was not here. I hope today it will happen in St. Petersburg and yes there will come pleasure. Belgian geniuses against unstable Englishmen.

Otherwise, burn England – burn Belgium at 17:00 stadium Krestovsky match for 3 place!

The match will be served by the referee from Iran Alireza Fagani. The judge was born in a city with an unusual name Kashmar.

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