Why can not I create an iPhone backup on my computer?

I’m trying to create an iPhone backup on my computer, but in iTunes, the “Make a copy now” button is inactive, how do I fix it? 
– Alexey

Hello, Alexey.

This sometimes happens on the Windows operating system. Here are a number of steps that should be taken to fix the problem.

First, restart the iPhone and the computer itself, then connect the smartphone to the computer via a cable, not over Wi-Fi.


If the button does not become active, it’s likely a problem with the operating system on the PC. This happens due to the forced shutdown of Apple services and services from startup, which are necessary for the correct operation of iTunes.

Disable services could be either in manual mode or using various programs of “optimizer-kleiners”.

The easiest way is to completely uninstall iTunes from your PC and reinstall it from the Apple website . For the correct removal of iTunes and all its dependencies, we recommend using the Total Uninstall application .

When iTunes is again downloaded and installed, restart the PC and try to create a backup.

If this does not help, it will only be necessary to create a new Windows user. It happens that the accumulated system garbage and cache prevent the correct operation of iTunes on Windows.

You need to go to Start – Settings – Family and other users and create a new account. In it, install iTunes and make a backup copy.

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