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The unemployed web designer from Britain turned out to be a supporter of the IG. He was sentenced to life for preparing an attempt on the prince


He distributed pictures with calls to Telegram.

Husnain Rashid (left) and Prince George

On Friday, July 13, 32-year-old Husnain Rashid (Husnain Rashid) was sentenced to life imprisonment for preparing an attempt on the 4-year-old Prince George, reports Sky News . In October 2017 (two months after the prince went to school) Rashid organized a group in Telegram, through which he distributed images of George with calls to poison ice cream and prepare attacks on stadiums.

The judge who pronounced the verdict stated that Rashid’s intentions were “clear”: “You gave the name and address of Prince George’s school, the image of Prince George’s school and the instruction or threats from which it followed that Prince George and the other members of the royal family should become potential targets [for an attack]. ” Rashid admitted part of the charges.

One of the images published by Rashid. Left – Prince George with a backpack, on the right – his school

The web designer lived in the town of Nelson in Lancashire and during active attacks on the prince (between January 28 and November 23, 2017) sat without work. He was arrested in November because he “wrote to individuals who are believed to be on IG territory controlled, sought their advice on the travel routes to Syria, saved money with the intention of spending them on travel, bought equipment and looked for a sponsor to join the IG. “

According to the court, the insurgent IG with the call sign “Rapunzel” sent Rashid instructions on how to prepare the bombs and how to bring down the plane. The unemployed web designer, apparently, led a channel with the name “Lonely Mujahid”, where he also called on supporters to organize single attacks.

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