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Review of some tobacco flavors

This Is Not a Pipe.

Just want to say that I do not know how to smoke cigarettes, sniff tobacco, but nevertheless, I often encounter those who use different tobacco products, and hookah and wakes can be felt from time to time, just passing by. I really liked the smell of tobacco in its various versions, so I want to share with you some perfume fragrances on this topic.

Chergui Serge Lutens became the first to catch the aroma with a pronounced note of tobacco, and his composition includes notes of tobacco leaf, honey, amber, iris, sandalwood, incense, rose and much more. The aroma itself came out not so much as strong, as enveloping its wearer, like a cozy soft scarf, it is difficult to describe, but this smell can not be mistaken for perfume – it is so organic and merges with the one who wears it.

Serge Lutens Chergui

Most of all I hear tobacco, honey and amber, it’s sweet, but not cloying, not stuffy components, it’s something that everyone knows and likes. When I wore it, I just forgot that I’m wearing something on myself, it’s so natural. Despite the fact that the sherbs call dry, hot wind in Morocco blowing from the Sahara, the fragrance does not throttle and its name does not justify.

The second was the very popular Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford, it is already known by many. But since this fragrance is quite expensive, I got a sampler and began to wear it. Indeed, this is a beautiful, very dense scent of tobacco, vanilla and (that’s where the most interesting begins) carnations of spice, which I hated the fierce, which with every breath seemed to choke me, filling my lungs with something tart, unbearable. By the end of the day, I began to feel that I was perfumed with Red Moscow, where the carnation also clearly dominates. In this case, I can not deny the beauty of this fragrance. He is hot, like many, and everyone who normally perceives such spices, will receive many compliments with him – it’s not for nothing that he is so popular.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

My third attempt to find the perfect tobacco for myself was New York Nights Demeter Fragrance. Going into a small shop, I immediately noticed this bottle, which shows a picture of Nigel Barker, a popular American photographer. And after inhaling this fragrance, I simply disappeared. Demeter Fragrance is often accused of instability, as it is a series of colognes, there is a very small concentration of fragrant substances. But this series of three fragrances turned out to be very stable and very saturated. Tobacco, of course, is clearly felt, but it is so permeated with ylang-ylang (dense floral aroma) that merges into one. It seems to me that it really looks like the smell that you often feel on a summer night in the city, it’s special and you can not mistake it.

Demeter Fragrance Library New York Nights
Next, I want to talk about a special flavor, which, although tobacco, but it associates me more with the smell of ordinary cigarettes. And this is interesting in its own way, because this is a real masterpiece created by the Italian perfumer Hilde Soliani. Bell’Antonio Hilde Soliani consists of a note of tobacco and coffee. (You now remembered your sleepless nights, huh?) Though there are only two notes here, the fragrance is not so simple. This is a real cigarette smoke, a sense of excitement, the presence of someone smoking nearby. It’s a smoke-filled room, an open pack of cigarettes, a coffee grounds, bitter and so pleasant. I can not wear it, but sometimes I put it on my hand, I breathe in and feel like someone else who smokes a lot and well loves strong coffee.
Bell’Antonio Hilde Soliani

About the provocative stamp Etat Libre d’Orange, I already told in another article, but I’ll tell you about the tobacco flavor of Jasmin et Cigarette. He has many admirers, on whose skin he reveals himself with the most delicious jasmine, fragrant tobacco and delicate peaches. But on me it was a wet sour smoky ashtray somewhere in a damp porch on the outskirts. I do not so often want to wash off something from perfume, but it was that case – it’s unfortunate that we did not become friends, because I really love the scent of jasmine.

Jasmin et Cigarette
Another flavor, which had high hopes, but which did not become my favorite was Fumerie Turque Serge Lutens – in translation “Turkish chicken”. And since I really liked the aforementioned Chergui, I thought that this fragrance would be something very significant for me. The composition of this fragrance includes such notes as tobacco, honey, patchouli, suede and others. But on me it was something sour, warm, bothering me, despite the fact that the perfume was quite quiet. Here for me there was no enthusiasm, there was no tobacco, suede, honey or something else, for which it could be loved.
Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque
Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque

Surely my article is now read by fans of hookah and its aroma. Suddenly, I have something to please you, this is the Italian perfume Trastevere Pantheon Roma, and that the most interesting thing is that there is no note of tobacco in its composition, but nevertheless, I feel it. This heated cherry-mint shisha, which fills the whole space, is a very relaxing, pleasant aroma, not stuffy-sticky, but wrapping and with a pleasant mint coldness. I think that some may think that there is something in it from coffee, creamy toffee and roasted chestnuts.

Trastevere Pantheon Roma
One of the best tobacco flavors can rightfully be called A * Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler. Yes, he’s a man, and yes, I’m glad to wear it. Several people on the street, completely unfamiliar to me, asked the name of the fragrance, because they liked it very much. Not bad, is not it?

The fragrance consists of such notes as tobacco, honey, vanilla, cocoa, amber, patchouli and others. But how it is harmonious. Despite the abundance of such sweet, “sticky” notes, which men often avoid, it is not sweet at all. It is a tart, bitterish tobacco that envelops you with a cloud, not dense, it disappears with time, but airy, rough. He is not at all sugary, but rather assertive and a little cocky.

A * Men Pure Havane Mugler
Another tobacco from Demeter Fragrance is the fragrance This Is Not A Pipe. As many have already understood, reference to Magritte. Indeed, for me it was not a pipe, but dried fruits, smoked prunes, which began to dominate the aroma of tobacco. In general, the aroma is very pleasant and warm, but there is no need to wait for it. He is very close to his bearer and to feel it, you need to apply to the place of drawing with your nose and for your pleasure to inhale this fragrant prune with tobacco.
Demeter Fragrance Library This Is Not A Pipe
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