How to temporarily disable iPhone screen lock

Smartphones are pretty tightly integrated into our lives and work with them in different conditions.

Sometimes the iPhone serves as a kind of hint or reminder, for example, when opening a useful recipe in the kitchen or while watching the instructions while repairing something.

Hands can be busy or too dirty to re-take the smartphone and unlock it in a few minutes.

Of course, you can go to the Settings menu – Screen and brightness and disable Auto- lock, but there is another way to quickly turn off the display lock.

How to setup


To temporarily disable the screen lock, it’s convenient to use the Accessibility mode.

For those who forgot, we recall that this mode allows you to quickly block certain features of the iPhone. This can be useful when you give the device a play to children, lend to a colleague in the office or just let a stranger call.

1. Go to Settings – General – Universal access – Accessibility .

2. Enable the option and set the trip code. It is convenient to enable the Touch ID parameter to quickly turn off the mode.


3. To activate the Access Guide, you can press the Home button three times, add a switch to the control point ( Settings – Control item – Configure controls ) or ask to enable Siri mode.

The mode can be started after opening any application.

4. In the parameters at the first start, set the timer for 23 hours and 59 minutes, so that the smartphone is not blocked, and if necessary, you can still turn off the Power button.

Now open the application with a recipe, instruction or other necessary information and activate the Guide.

Smartphone in this mode will not block the display, if in addition to disable the side button, then lock the device will not even happen by accident. For some time, the brightness of the backlight will be reduced, but any touch of the screen will return the original state.

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