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Belgian retailer promised to return money for TVs to fans if their national team scores more than 15 goals. Has hammered!

Thousands of fans can enjoy not only the third place in the championship, but also free TV-plasma.

On May 15, a month before the World Cup began, Belgian electronics retailer Krefer announced the action: if the Belgian national team scores more than 15 goals at the World Cup 2018, the company will return money to customers who recently purchased a huge TV. It was a limited period of purchase – from April 26 to June 17 – and the action concerned only TVs with a diagonal of 55 inches or more.

Representatives explained the action by the fact that the company celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2018, and wants not only to arrange a celebration for the fans themselves, but also to make this team.

Being a Belgian company, we always believed that any goal you set can be achieved. Belgium has many excellent players, the team is not just ranked third in the FIFA rankings. We believe more than ever that they will score more than 15 goals. […] We are already guaranteeing the best prices for 60 years, but with a 100% return of money for the TV, Krefel wants the “red devils” to score.

Pascal Poulet
CEO of Krefel

The Belgian team showed good results in the matches, and by July 11, scoring a total of 14 goals for five games: five in a match with Tunisia, one in the gates of England, three – the national team of Japan and two – the national team of Brazil. Everything was to be decided on Saturday, July 14: the Belgian national team needed to score at least two more goals.

“Unfortunately, there is no finale for our Devils. But we are convinced that they will take third place on Saturday and score two goals! “

And the Belgian national team did not disappoint its fans: a second match with the English, this time for the third place, ended with a score of 2-0 in favor of the Belgians. At the 84th minute striker Eden Azar scored the necessary and sufficient for the successful completion of the campaign, the 16th goal of the team.


“WE DID IT! We are ready to return thousands of people money for their TV! ”
The exact number of customers that will receive compensation for the shares of Krefer, the company did not disclose. However, immediately after the second goal scored in a match with England, the company’s website temporarily stopped working – perhaps because of the high load.

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