Where to download the instructions for iPhone or Mac (real!)

The technique of Apple is famous for its convenience and ease of development, but sometimes users still have questions and problems with the development of “apple” gadgets.

This is especially true of our parents, grandparents, a girl who first moved to iOS with Android or just a user who loves to do everything according to the instructions.

The older generation prefers to start learning the manual, but only then to start developing the gadget.

What to do, because in the box with iPhone there are no detailed instructions for use, and the colorful booklet does not answer many questions?

How to download the instructions for Apple Tech

In Cupertino understand that the equipment must be supplied with detailed documentation, but do not want to increase the compact packaging of gadgets and spend money on printed printing.

Instructions for all equipment sold are in electronic form, you can download all of this directly to your smartphone or computer. So it will be much easier to deal with new technology.

To download instructions do the following:

1. Open the iBooks application , which is on any iPhone, iPad (in the iOS 12 program will be called Books ) and Mac.

If the application is not on the device, download it from the App Store .

2. In the Search section, enter the name of the gadget we are looking for.

There are manuals for iPhone and iPad on different versions of iOS, which is useful for the owner of old models. You can find instructions for Mac and MacBook , Apple TV and even Apple Watch .


It’s nice that the instructions are available in Russian and distributed free of charge.

3. Download the necessary instructions and confirm the download using Touch ID or Face ID.

4. Now in the section with downloaded books the necessary manual will appear.

Each instruction does not just list the features and settings of the gadget, but also talk about the basics of working in standard applications on iOS and macOS.

Documentation will be available even without connecting to the network.

That’s how you can simplify the life of a new user in the world of Apple technology.

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