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The “Royal Battle” The Culling 2 came out three days ago. Already today no one is playing it

You could remember the online shooter with elements of survival and crafting The Culling. He shot about a year before PUBG, but with the advent of a competitor quickly fell into disrepair. July 10, unexpectedly the release of The Culling 2 . Probably several years the developers have worked on it, invested a lot of money. But as a result, nobody wants to play their game.

At the time of release, the maximum online players were 249. Two days later, the online game fell to one person, and then completely disappeared. The “Royal Battle” was left without players. It sounds a little sad, but why did it happen?

On Steam, the game now shyly shines with negative assessments. Of the 151 reviews, only 13% were positive. The Culling 2 scolded for a complete rejection of the first part, where there were quite interesting mechanics. The developers abandoned their faces and sketched the most popular games of the “royal battle” genre. Yes, and technical flaws in the project enough.

In fact, The Culling 2 repeated the fate of Lawbreakers – the game of Cliff Blezinski, who could not stand the competition with Overwatch. It came out in August 2017, this summer was free, and its game servers will be completely closed in September.

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