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RBC: scammers have deceived several hundred Nigerians, promising them a job in Russia on the passport of the fan

On the morning of July 13, more than 70 deceived citizens gathered at the consulate of Nigeria.

Photo by Oleg Melnikov, RBC

In Moscow, the consulate of Nigeria gathered more than 70 Nigerians, whom scammers promised to work on fan-ID. About this RBC told the leader of the volunteer movement “Alternative” Oleg Melnikov.

According to Melnikov’s calculations, in the morning of July 13, the embassy had more than 70 people, while in Russia there are 200-400 deceived citizens of Nigeria. According to Melnikov, for the first time Nigerians began to complain about scammers two weeks ago.

At home, scammers offered them to buy a fan-ID for $ 300 (about 18.6 thousand rubles) and round-trip tickets, promising that they could get a job in Russia. Credulous Nigerians came here, but as it turned out, no one expected them, they do not have work permits, besides, the swindlers canceled their return tickets.

Oleg Melnikov
leader of the volunteer movement “Alternative”

On July 12, a rumor among the Nigerians was that TurkishAirlines would provide them with a plane to return to their homeland. At Sheremetyevo, they do not know about this flight, Melnikov specified.

The airport police brought Nigerians on two buses to the country’s embassy, ​​and volunteers bought food and rugs for them. The citizens of Nigeria spent the night at the consulate, on July 13 the ambassador came out to them and promised to solve all the problems. Employees of the consulate said that they will pay their accommodation for five days and during this time they will decide the issue with tickets.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow told RBC that information about the deceived Nigerians was not received. Comment from the consulate was not obtained.

Earlier Kommersant wrofte that many foreigners who came to the World Cup are trying to get a job or refuge in Russia on a “fan’s passport”. In this way people from African countries used massively.

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