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Police found in Moscow, the missing in Samara British fan

He was found at the hotel, but where he was all this time – is unknown.

Douglas Morton (right), photo from Twitter Dan Howells

The Moscow police found the missing British fan Douglas Morton, who had not been in touch with relatives for almost a week. The police noted that no “unlawful actions” had been committed against him. This is reported on the website of the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the city of Moscow.

Morton stopped contacting his relatives on July 6. On this day, he went to the quarterfinal match of the World Cup in Samara, where the teams played England and Sweden.

After that, Morton was going to come to Moscow, but did not answer the calls of his relatives. They turned to the British police, who confirmed his whereabouts, tracking the purchases on the credit card.

On July 11, the Russian police joined the search, the next day the police found a fan in a hotel in Moscow and informed the British Embassy about it. What the man was doing all this time and why he did not contact his relatives is not known.

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