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Police found a bottle with traces of the “Novice” in the house of the poisoned Briton

How she got there is not known.

In the house of the British Charles Rowley (Charlie Rowley), who was poisoned by the “Novice”, found a small bottle in which the nerve agent was stored. This was reported by the BBC with reference to the British police.

The fact that the bottle contained “Novice”, confirmed the experts of the laboratory “Porton Down”, the newspaper writes. As the capacity was in the house of a man, it is not known.

June 29, two residents of the British city of Amesbury, 45-year-old Charles Rowley and 44-year-old Don Sturges (Dawn Sturgess) were hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning “Novice”. July 8 Sturgess died without regaining consciousness. Rowley came to life on July 10.

According to one version of the police, Rowley and Sturgess could receive a critical dose of “Novice” during a visit to Salisbury: they allegedly spent several hours near the bench, where they found Yulia and Sergei Skripaly, poisoned with nerve agents. In April, Julia Skripal was discharged from the hospital, her father – in mid-May.

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