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Most parents allow children to play violent video games

A survey of the British social network Childcare for parents showed that many of them negligently refer to age ratings of video games. Because of this, children freely play in projects with violent content, obsolete vocabulary and other things from games with a qualification of 18+.

More than two thousand parents took part in the Childcare survey: 72% of the respondents were mothers of children aged 5-16 years. It turned out that 86% of the total number of respondents did not follow the age limits of games. Curiously, with the movies the situation is the opposite: only 18% of parents admitted that they will allow the children of 10-14 years to watch a movie with a rating of 18+.

43% of parents noticed negative changes in the behavior of their children after they spent time playing games with an adult rating. Also, 22% of respondents said that after such games the guys “understood or used” crude expressions.

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