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Missing a Chinese woman who poured ink on posters with the president of China

The girl acted “against Xi Jinping and his authoritarian dictatorship.”

July 4, 29, an activist Yaotsyun Dong (Dong Yaoqiong) poured ink several posters with the image of the President of China Xi Jinping during the broadcast in his Twitter. She also said that she opposes the president, the Communist Party and the authoritarian dictatorship.


A few hours later, the girl published a photo taken through the door peephole of her apartment. She could see a group of people resembling policemen.

She told them that she would open the door as soon as she was dressed. After that, the girl disappeared and did not get in touch.
Twitter users asked the girl not to open the door for her own safety.

“Do not open the door, do not go out, use your smartphone and continue to write tweets to keep us informed. We are watching you and supporting you. The more people watch and watch you, the more it protects you. Listen to Brother Hua: do not be stupid, do not go out into the street … “

The user, under the pseudonym HuaYong798, launched a YouTube broadcast to draw attention to the case of Dong and urged the public to monitor the situation. He expressed the hope that Xi Jinping would not be too cruel to the girl, and simply force her to write a letter of apology for the damage to public property.

This is a decision that Chinese citizens would like to see. If a country wants to be prosperous, it needs to have a spirit of tolerance and forgiveness. I want Dong to know that many people think and care about her, and I’m just one of them.

Twitter user HuaYong798

According to Hua, shortly thereafter, the girl’s tweets disappeared.

And then her account was deleted.

Hua said that he and his friends tried to call relatives and friends of the girls, but they could not reach them. By the time they found the phone number of Dong, it was already unavailable.

After the disappearance of the girl, the indifferent continued to share photos of Dong, calling for her release.


“The girl who poured ink Xi Jinping’s photos – Dong Yaotsiun. It works in real estate in Shanghai, apparently, she is from Zhuzhou, Hunan. Her Twitter account @feefeefly is deleted and the phone number is disabled. No doubt, she was arrested because of the dictatorship. I hope that the international community will know about this news, thanks »
One of the users even drew a caricature based on the events.

Many joined the action of Dong Yaotsiun.

Unknown activists even poured ink at the entrance to the Beijing Municipal High People’s Court with ink.

“Beijing Municipal High People’s Court today. Pouring ink has become a trend ”

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