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IBM uses artificial intelligence to predict employee performance

The system does this with an accuracy of 96%.

IBM began to predict the future effectiveness of employees with the help of artificial intelligence Watson own development. The system creates forecasts about the individual productivity of each employee.

Since IBM has 380,000 employees worldwide, a large number of HR managers and, consequently, large expenses are usually needed to manage such personnel. The company decided to shift the task of assessing employees to its own AI Watson, which takes into account not only past achievements of employees, but also potential productivity.

The system pays attention to the skills and experience of the employee, in order to predict what his skills will be useful to IBM in the future. AI also examines the company’s internal database of training to find out if the employee has received new skills.

Watson can give the employee a comprehensive evaluation, using all the available information for the time for which a person only has time to hold a personal meeting. And he will also take this into account in future forecasts. According to IBM, AI copes with its task with high accuracy – 96%.

Managers use Watson’s evaluation when assigning bonuses, paying fees and raising employees. The company checks the accuracy of AI predictions by comparing its predictions with the results. It is not known whether employees are aware of the system and what they are doing with those whose forecasts did not meet the company’s expectations.

According to the vice president of IBM for compensation and guarantees for employees of Nick LaMoreaux, before the value had only past accomplishments of the employee, but in our time, what he can do tomorrow is more important. The top manager noted that the traditional model is relevant when working tasks do not change and remain approximately the same, but now “the half-life of skills is getting faster and faster”.

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