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How to make money on crypto-currencies. In simple words

The whole world was obsessed with crypto-currencies. But just talking about the crypt is not enough.

We tell you about the main methods of earning money on the crypto currency.

Run the Mining Farm

According to the resource CoinMarketCap , there are more than 1600 crypto-currencies on the market. A significant part of them can be mined – to solve certain mathematical problems and, in case of success, receive a reward.

Actually, bitcoin and ether, the two most popular crypto-currencies, can be extracted in this way. Minute also Monero, Dash, ZCash, Litecoin and hundreds of other coins.

On the already mentioned CoinMarketCap in the list on the main page, crypto-currencies that can not be mined are marked with an asterisk. It is assumed that they were released immediately, and now they are gradually put into circulation.

Manually, of course, it will not be necessary to decide anything. You need a powerful computer that will sort through all the possible solutions of the problem described in the algorithm of the crypto currency, and will be able to find the right one. But keep in mind that you need not only to solve the problem correctly, but also to do it first – to get ahead of competitors due to more productive equipment, which is able to sort out more options per second.

For mining use either farms with a lot of productive video cards, or ASIC-miners. Both those and others are worth thousands of dollars, but crypto-currencies are not cheap.

On resources like one can calculate the profitability of the mining of various coins and the productivity of using the technique for different cryptoalgorithms. For example, enter a hash (the number of decisions your farm can take) and the power of the equipment, its cost and the electricity tariff, and the system calculates how much you can earn:

Recently, cryptology is in a protracted correction. The rate of bitcoin and other crypto-currency is falling, and many miners do not see the point of continuing. Sometimes they drain the farm cheaply. And it’s like small desktop installations, and whole businesses. For example, here is an option that has already fallen in price by 80 thousand rubles:

In general, before buying miners for hundreds of thousands, it is worth thinking. For starters, there are cheaper options.

And be wary of scammers. So, recently, the Muscovite lured 870 thousand rubles under the pretext of selling a mining farm.

Rent power for mining

There are companies that have already assembled their own large farms and offer rental capacities. They earn money by renting equipment, customers – on the crypto currency.

This option is called cloud mining. You connect to the system, pay for using the farm, choose crypto – and forward, to millions.

To start sometimes enough a thousand or two rubles, or even less. True, and the exhaust will be modest. Above power – more income.

Find companies that provide cloud-based services, conveniently on resources like CryptoCompare . Here you can compare hashes, conditions, prices, calculate the return on investment.

Risks in this case are less than with the purchase of a mining farm, which you need not only to buy, but also provide electricity, cool, protect and improve. But the danger for you is this: the landlord is guaranteed to receive his money for using the equipment. Whether you receive income depends on the course of the crypto currency. If it falls, you can go into negative.

Connect to pool


The complexity of the task, which the miners solve, is constantly growing. Accordingly, with old weak equipment, there is no sense to poke in here – the probability that it will solve the problem first is extremely low.

To increase the chances of success, the miners pool into pools. Then the chance to receive the reward grows in proportion to the total hasht, and the extracted coins are divided into all (in proportion to the capacity of the equipment or according to other rules).

A list of mining pools to which you can connect, you will also find on CryptoCompare . Each pool takes its percentage of the extracted, and then lives. In return, provides joint mining for all customers.

Risks in this case are minimal – the amount you pay for connection to the pool + your electricity bill.

Currency Exchange trading


The basic rule of any trader: buy cheaper, sell more expensive. But nobody knows how …

However, some are lucky. Revenue is the difference between the sale and purchase price minus the commission for entering the exchange and withdrawal from the exchange.

To trade in crypto currency, you need a start-up capital. Do not interfere and strategy – a list of rules, following which, you will choose coins, sell and buy them.

Trading is short, medium and long term.

  • In short-term trading, they earn on small, but frequent fluctuations in the rate of the crypto currency, the account goes for minutes, if not seconds. Short-term trading requires a lot of time and iron nerves. Beginners do not recommend it.
  • Traders who work with medium-term positions assess courses several times a week, at most once a day. This is a more relaxed option, which leaves time for self-education and often prevents the deposit from being drained in a couple of hours. Perhaps, for beginners the option is optimal.
  • Longevity is when there can be months between transactions, if not years. If the coin is stable, has a real idea and solves a specific problem, then almost certainly within a year its rate will increase. But it is quite possible that in the code the crypto currency will detect a bug, a more promising coin will appear or some other collapse will occur. In general, the risk to remain in the red is, but in case of success, income will be worthy. And most importantly – you can not constantly twitch, do not hypnotize the graphics, only react to really important news.

All the subtleties of crypto-currency trading in several paragraphs can not be described. The most important thing to understand is that a trader should catch the moment when the CY’s becomes cheaper, buy when the rate is low enough, wait for growth and sell the coins.

To learn to determine such moments, came up with technical analysis, candlestick analysis, indicators and another 100500 techniques. You can understand them, but you can subscribe to the signals of successful traders and sell or buy synchronously with them. That’s only success in any case, no one guarantees, and merge the deposit is simple enough …

Conclusion: the risks in this case are equal to the volume of the deposit that you bring to the exchange. Multiplied by the ability to behave in the hands and fight the desire to recoup the next time and merge another deposit.

Invest in ICO

ICO (initial coin offering) is a campaign that allows a crypto-cash project to attract money for development and development. The startup, which goes to the ICO, wants to attract investment, and in exchange to give each investor a proportional number of tokens.

It is assumed that the rate of tokens after the implementation of the project will grow. Accordingly, investors will be able to sell them, return their money and earn a little from above.

The summer of 2017 was a real boom ICO. Projects that did not even have real prototype systems, but just plans for a napkin, collected hundreds of millions.

Then investors changed their minds and stopped investing in anything. But there were scamers – deceivers, who advertised promising ideas and eventually disappeared with money.

Scamers are still many today. But investors have grown wiser and more carefully looking to projects.

However, not even a scam-ICO can leave you without money. It happens that developers overestimate their strength and can not bring it to its logical conclusion. So, the profits do not provide. Investors in ICO are not protected in any way.

What in the end? On the one hand, on average, investors in the ICO receive 82% of the return on investment. On the other hand, 56% of the projects that went to the ICO are closed four months after the fund-raising is completed.

To walk, walk, walk


Once, in the distant 2010, Laszlo Hanyex paid 10 thousand bitcoins for two pizzas. The bitcoin rate was then about 0.5 cents.

At the peak, in December 2017, for bitcoin was given 20 thousand dollars. Four million times more! But even if Hanyex exchanged bitcoins now, it would have received $ 64 million.

If he were a wheeler, he would have owned millions. Hodl is a distorted English hold, which in this case means “holding” (not selling) the Crypto currency. Typing was first made by the user GameKyuubi on the Bitcoin Talk forum.

Being upset by the next drop in the course and slightly drunk, GameKyuubi wrote that it would go about. Unlike other “good traders” who “notice the ups and downs of abra-kadabra-sim-salabim that’s just that they make millions of bucks”.

The logic here is simple, like a stick: you buy and wait until the course of the crypto currency will not grow “to the moon.” Wait, even if the course falls into the abyss. Believe that he will rise.

Sometimes it’s hard. But in any incomprehensible situation this is the most correct strategy, which does not require any effort from you. Bought and forgotten. Remember – and you are already a millionaire. The main thing is to be lucky.

Participate in Airdrop and Bounty programs


Many crypto-currency start-ups conduct “auctions of unheard-of generosity” at the beginning of their journey, before or immediately after the ICO. To gain popularity and gather more adherents, they distribute their crypto currency.

The more holders of crypto currency, the more popular it is. The more operations with it occur, the higher the rate becomes.

Airdrop is not only the technology of data transmission created by Apple, but also the distribution of crypto currency. Gratuitously, that is for free. Distribute is usually proportional to the amount of any other crypto currency in your purse.

For example, the developers of hardforks do this: when Bitcoin Cash separated from Bitcoin, each Bitcoin was given one new coin. Bitcore also charged proportionally, but only to those who had more than 0.01 bitcoins on their account.

Bounty-programs are an opportunity to receive crypto-currency for the help of the project. For example, for searching for bugs in the code, translating the site into different languages, posts on forums.

Often in Bounty-programs, users of the Bitcointalk forum with Member status and higher are invited to participate. You place the link in the signature and earn proportionally to the number of transitions on it, and for this you actively participate in the life of the forum.

Usually startups put a certain amount of crypto currency on the Bounty program. In this case, you risk only the time spent on participation. The main thing is not to merge the login and password from your wallet to scammers who, under the guise of the organizers of the Bounty program, entice users’ personal data.

Find a job in the field of crypto-currency


Indeed, you can not steal, do not trade, but earn on the crypt. If you are an analyst, a marketer, even an SMM specialist or designer, you will find a place in the crypto industry.

Where to begin? For example, with the AngelList service . Here, investors and startup authors find employees and partners. The search result for the word blockchain  is more than a thousand companies, and in each of them there may be vacancies.

Of course, in order to qualify for a position with a good salary, you will have to tighten up your English and rewrite your resume so that it better matches the profile of the company you want to work for. But this is a fat niche, in which there is a serious shortage of personnel. Dare!

Start Cryptocotics


In December 2017, the project Cryptokitties appeared on the crypto- exchange platform Ethereum. There you could buy virtual kittens and get offspring from them.

The less often the kittens CryptoKitties , the more expensive they can be sold. And you can keep yourself and get even more rare and expensive offspring.

To start, you need Ethereum. Risks are equal to the amount you pay for the first kitten. Plus the fee for a “cat’s wedding.” Every 24 hours the price of a kitten is reduced until someone buys it.


Honestly, we are at a loss to say how much you can earn on this. On this site you can track prices for kittens. The most expensive now costs 110 thousand dollars (300 aether).

And not put?


In Russia, operations with crypto-currencies and the conduct of ICO are not regulated by law. There are separate precedents (for example, the recognition of the crypto currency by the debtor’s property or the permission to independently determine the amount of taxes from crypto-currency transactions ).

But no one was billed for dealing with crypto-currencies. Adoption of the legislation on crypto-currencies was postponed again – this time until the fall. In general, there is no reason to plant.

On the other hand, for certain actions, you can still be imprisoned: if you break a crypto exchange or someone’s purse, organize an ICO scam, you’ll deceive by selling the mining equipment. Such crimes are qualified within the framework of the current legislation.

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