Dropped out of the plane, the iPhone was found unscathed

In the American city of Ames (Iowa), iPhone managed to survive the fall from the plane. A woman with a fellow pilot went flying on an airplane and decided to take a few pictures on the smartphone, but as soon as the device was pushed out of the window, it was knocked out of the hands by a stream of air.

Back at the local airport, the woman went to look for the iPhone. She was lucky: the gadget feature “Find the iPhone” was turned on. The device was found in the private sector near one of the houses. Then the hostess started calling on her iPhone. She noticed the phone at the same time as a reminder of the meeting at 4:00 pm.

The device was without damage. The pilot did not even believe at first that this is the same smartphone. According to him, the plane was at an altitude of about a thousand feet (304 meters), when the passenger dropped the iPhone.

In early summer, an American blogger found the iPhone X in the river. The smartphone was there for two weeks – the IP67 waterproof standard does not guarantee that the device will survive such a long stay in the water. Nevertheless, after drying, the device earned, it was returned to the hostess.

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