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BuzzFeed: The Times newspaper fired the author, who wrote fake reviews for free tickets

He received rewards for texts that he did not intend to publish. The publication had to reimburse the costs of its “customers”.

Peter Yong. Photo from Facebook page

The British newspaper The Times dismissed the reporter Peter Yong (Peter Yeung), who invented the fraudulent scheme and for some time received from the partners of the publication free tickets for concerts and trips.

According to BuzzFeed, which also cooperated with Yong, the journalist used the function in the Times editor, which allows reading the materials before the publication (as, for example, in Google Docs).

Yong exploited this system in secret from his editors. He offered reviews to concert companies and hotels, received free tickets and subsequently showed them the text on The Times. However, these articles were not published, but were in the access mode “by reference”.

The Times also accused Yong that he arbitrarily established himself as the author of someone else’s article – so he wanted to pretend to be a critic. When it became known, the reporter was immediately kicked out of the editorial office of the newspaper – despite the fact that he is the author of a lot of “cover” publications and a laureate of the Honorable Orwellian Prize.

According to BuzzFeed, The Times are going to investigate the actions of their former journalist, including checking the contents of his working e-mail and hard drive on his work computer. The publication also contacted companies that deceived Yong, and refunded the cost of tickets.

Yong himself later called his decision “idiotic” and admitted that he regrets it. He added that he can no longer pay for housing and “does not know what to do with his life.” At the same time, the reporter claimed that he received free tickets only for travel, but not for concerts.

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