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“Burger King” and recording screens: why does the company deny the collection of personal data and how to refrain from “shadowing”

The company confirmed that it records the actions of customers, but stated that it does not collect bank card data.

July 11, the user “Pikabu” under the name fennikami said that the mobile application “Burger King” records videos from smartphone screens in secret from users. According to the author, the service did not stop doing this even when entering bank card data to pay for the order.

He also published his analysis on  and Habrahabre , explaining that access to the data is shared by network partners like the mobile analytics company AppSee. The story became so resonant that the “Burger King” was publicly addressed by Roskomnadzor.

In a conversation with, representatives of Burger King confirmed that they record the actions of customers using AppSee. However, the company said that it does not collect bank card information and other personal data.

What did the user “Pikabu” about the application “Burger King”

The Burger King application allows you to get discounts at fast food restaurants, make a remote order and find nearby restaurants. To register in it you need to enter a phone number, and when paying online – enter the bank card information.

The user “Pikabu” analyzed the application and found out that at startup it starts to record “endless” video from the screen of the smartphone and send records to the server. According to him, the recording continues, even if the application is collapsed. The developer noted that the record is sent to the servers of the AppSee platform, the partners of which also have access to the received data.

Among other things, the author indicated that the screen of the smartphone is recorded even when entering the data of the bank card into the application, but did not post any own video with the confirmation. The user of “Habrahabra” accused thedeveloper of lying, explaining that AppSee automatically hides the input fields and thus makes the personal data inaccessible to third parties . This is confirmed on the company’s website.

What is AppSee and why the service recently fell into a similar situation

Companies use the AppSee analytical platform to analyze user behavior. Developers connect their application to the service to identify technical problems and improve their experience with the client.

The creators of AppSee have never denied that they can record video of the user’s behavior and called it a “chip”. The authors of the platform also stated that the company chooses with the help of a “wide choice of parameters” which user sessions will be recorded. “Burger Kingu” is needed, including for sampling. Representatives of the power network told that they analyze with the help of the service less than 10% of all actions in the application . They are selected randomly and only when connected via Wi-Fi.

AppSee was mentioned in the study of Northeastern University in the US, the authors of which found out: applications can monitor the actions of smartphone owners and send personal data to the domain of this service. Researchers noted that users could not even suspect this, because in the privacy policy of an individual application, this was not mentioned. In that case, AppSee shifted the responsibility to the authors of the application, which eventually added their document after the treatment of the scientists.

In the conditions of using the application “Burger King” there is no direct mention of AppSee, but it is indicated that the registered user agrees to the recording, collection, storage and other use of his personal data by third parties . About the recording of the user’s screen in the privacy rules is not stated.

Fragment of privacy rules in the Burger King application

What exactly does Burger King know about the user and why does the company deny messages about collecting personal data

“Burger King” claims that it receives from the client his name, phone number and e-mail address. According to the company, this information is needed mainly to calculate bonuses for the order and are not sold to third parties.

Representatives of “Burger King” in a conversation called “unreliable” information that their application collects personal data of subscribers, including bank card data. Acquiring in the face of “Yandex.Kassa” also does not transmit this information, noted in the fast food chain.

Specialists AppSee see the data of users who are already programmed encrypted and hidden by black stripes. Description and screenshot of “Burger King”

However, in “Burger King” confirmed that the application is connected to the AppSee platform and records user actions with it. Representatives of the company called the service “technical add-on”, which allows to determine “which application block should be improved”. The network explained that neither their developers nor AppSee specialists see personal data of clients.

All data comes to the server in an impersonal form – that is, you can not see the user name and his personal data. AppSee works under the European law on the protection of personal data, so any collection of such data would turn out to be huge fines for them from a large number of states. […]

There is no record of the bank card number. Data that we and AppSee see are depersonalized and encoded.

Press Service of Burger King

And yet – how to disable “shadowing” in the application “Burger King”

  • The easiest way to stop using AppSee in the Burger King application is not to use it at all;
  • When using the application, you can not connect to Wi-Fi. AppSee claims that it does not analyze customer data through mobile communication networks;
  • Write in support of “Burger King” through the feedback form of the application asking you to exclude yourself from the sample. However, it is impossible to verify whether this really happened.
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