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BBC: FIFA behind the scenes banned Mutko photographed with sports top managers

Sources say that the organization “does not want to associate with him” after the doping scandal.

Vitaly Mutko and the coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov. FIFA photo
FIFA unofficially asked the former Minister of Sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko to stay away from sports top managers. This was reported by the BBC with reference to two people familiar with the code of the organization of the tournament.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, Mutko is not recommended to appear including, next to FIFA President Gianni Infantino. This BBC also anonymously confirmed the former football player of the Russian team.

At the same time Mutko visited all the matches of the Russian team, which held five games at the tournament. He was entitled to tickets in the VIP-box, but he was never in the box with Infantino.

The acquaintance of Mutko explained the ban by FIFA that the former minister had “no relation to football and sports” for a long time (in the new government, he oversees the construction).

However, several people familiar with the championship of the interlocutors explained that FIFA did not want to associate with an official who is involved in a doping scandal. According to them, Mutko was recommended not to be photographed and not appear with Infantino or with other official delegations. There is no official order on this.

In FIFA said, you know, we do not want to associate with him. [Vice-Premier Arkady] Dvorkovich well knows English, neat, there will not be 20 minutes for journalists to talk about doping. Mutko the whole championship is not shining.

interlocutor of the BBC

The press service of Mutko said that they “do not know about any official prohibitions.” FIFA did not respond to the written request.

On December 25, Mutko suspended his activities as president of the Russian Football Union, which, according to Kommersant, is due to Fifa’s “pressure” over the “doping crisis”. The Football Association has promisedthat the decision of the vice-premier will not affect the World Cup 2018.

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