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As an English fan went to Russia at the World Cup 2018 and spent it in detention

The man was detained by mistake, but because of this he did not see a single match and went home.

Trevor Horsley
Trevor Horsley

63-year-old Englishman Trevor Martin Horsley went to the World Cup in Russia, but instead he got into jail. Because of the detention on suspicion of fraud, Horsley missed matches, which he bought tickets for. On the next World Cup, he can no longer fall for health reasons.

The fan was not detained at once: he came to Russia on July 1, but faced problems only on July 3. The police escorted Horsley to the SIZO directly from the Spartak (Opening Arena) stadium before the match England – Colombia.

Russian police detained a man at the request of the authorities of the United Arab Emirates, which was received through the Interpol. State security agencies of the UAE accused Horsley of fraud: in 2011 he made a major purchase there, paying an invalid check. The authorities demanded that Horsley be extradited to the UAE for interrogation.

At the match England – Sweden Horsley also did not hit. Getty Photos

According to Russian lawyer Horsley Magomed Esendirov, he was wanted since 2011. However, all this time the Briton traveled a lot and crossed the borders of different countries without any problems: shortly before his trip to Russia, he visited Denmark. The Russian border guards also had no questions to Horsley, although, according to the lawyer, they were to receive the warrant as early as June 15, long before the arrival of the man.

July 6 in the Tushino court of Moscow passed a meeting on the election of preventive measures. Then Esendirov explained that in 2011 the Briton paid to the UAE, not knowing that he did not have enough money. He made a purchase for 472,500 dirhams (about 8 million rubles).

He did not have malicious intent. As soon as he found out that he was insolvent, he paid off all his debts. There are confirming documents.

Magomed Esendirov
Russian lawyer Trevor Horsley

According to the lawyer, his client paid not only debts but also a fine when he found out about it during the flight to Qatar in 2013. The British sent a transfer from London, and received closing papers that the matter is closed.

According to Esendirov, the government of Dubai provided a letter on the absence of grounds for initiating a criminal case. A similar paper was sent from the company Gannon Dunkerley, in which the Briton and paid an invalid check.

However, documents from the UAE did not prevent the Russian prosecutor’s office from demanding the arrest of Horsley until August 31. His lawyer petitioned for home arrest, but the court did not listen to him and sent the British to the pretrial detention center.

For the semi-final match England – Croatia Horsley did not hit, because he hurried to leave Russia. Getty Photos

After the trial, Horsley spent three more days in the hospital with a remand center. He was released only on July 9, after the Interpol of the UAE sent documents to the Russian unit that the criminal case against the British was closed and the warrant was issued erroneously.

Horsley returned to Britain early on the morning of July 10, not having seen a single football match. He had tickets for England against Colombia, but he was detained at the entrance to the stadium, and during the game of his team with Sweden, the man was imprisoned.

According to friend Horsley Colin Peak (Colin Peak), he also bought tickets to the semifinals and the finals of the 2018 World Cup, but decided to skip these matches because “I just wanted to go home.”

He spent so much money on tickets, flights and hotels, and did not look a single minute of football.

Colin Peak
friend of the detainee by mistake of the British

Friends Horsley said that they are concerned about his health. A man suffers from lung cancer, diabetes, as well as heart problems. Because of this, he may not get to the next World Cup in Qatar, which will take place in 2022.

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