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Videoact: screen test of two actresses for the role of Jennifer for the series “The Witcher”

The network has been published videotapes with the audition of actresses who pretend to be the sorceress Jennifer in the upcoming WATCH series from Netflix in 2020. Actresses read out scenes that are not included in the final scenario of the series.

In the first scene, Jennifer is helping Geralt dress up before the gala ball, where other sorceresses are invited. Jennifer is worried that they will try to sleep with the witcher.

In the second scene, Jennifer talks to the king, and then reads the spell, and then bursts into a long monologue.

Note that this is not all the actresses who participate in the casting. All actors who want to participate in the selection, send the creators of the series videotape with their samples remotely.

And which of these two actresses did you like in the role of Jennifer more? Or maybe you wanted to see Ian as someone more famous? Kate Beckinsale, for example.

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