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To save Thai boys from the cave will remove a high-budget film

The company Pure Flix Entertainment is going to adapt the rescue history of the young football team and their coach from the cave, in which they were held captive for 17 days. All 12 boys are alive and well, the rescue operation was completed only yesterday, and American producers have already announced the adaptation of their history.

Pure Flix specializes in films of Christian orientation, tapes for family viewing. Nevertheless, the head of the company Michael Scott assured that this will not be a traditional Christian film, but rather inspiring. Will release its more mainstream division of Pinnacle Peak.

Scott was at the site of the rescue operation, he managed to talk with the divers involved in the rescue, as well as with the parents of the boys. They themselves are still in the hospital.

Four divers, who directly and took the children to the surface
Four divers, who directly and took the children to the surface

The budget of the picture will be $ 30-60 million. This will be a record deductions for the painting Pure Flix and Pinnacle. “It’s not so much about the film as about celebrating all those involved in the rescue, including the soldier who died in the caves, ” Michael Scott emphasized.

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