The Tretyakov Gallery will allow teachers to conduct free excursions, but only by prior request

The rule is promised to enter from the new school year.

Photo of the press service of the Tretyakov Gallery

The Tretyakov Gallery management decided to adjust the system of rules, according to which teachers of non-core universities conduct classes in the museum. From the new academic year, such classes will be free of charge in all the territories of the Tretyakov Gallery, and a system of applications will be introduced that will allow each lesson to be put into the schedule of the events of the museum.

At the time of publication of the note, the right to conduct a training session with his teacher for students of non-core establishments in the museum building in Lavrushinsky Lane costs 5,310 rubles (for free schools and universities for free), and in the New Tretyakov Gallery any permanent training is already free of charge, application.

Question: that is, a group of children and a teacher, their attendant, arrived, can not walk with them through the museum in a convenient time for this group and talk? It is necessary to take necessarily only what represents the gallery?

Answer: yes. We have different conditions for occupancy of halls in different buildings. As a rule, group training sessions are planned in advance, for a new academic year, the Tretyakov Gallery will develop a convenient application system. This will ensure the study group a comfortable visit to the museum and conduct the session.

from the museum’s explanations

Correct the system decided after the scandal that unfolded around the museum in early summer. In June, several MSU teachers came to the Tretyakov Gallery with their students, and they were asked to leave the hall, accusing them of conducting excursions without proper accreditation and a special guest-guide badge. The teachers addressed an open letter to the Ministry of Culture. However, the leadership of the Moscow State University took the side of the museum, noting that the figurants of the scandal did not study the rules of visiting the museum.

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