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The owner of Cartier uses a block of diamonds to track diamonds

The holding company Richemont, which includes Cartier, has announced plans to use the block to track precious raw materials in the supply chain from the mines to production. Also, the blockchain will be used to ensure the authenticity of watches sold by brands owned by Richemont.

In addition, Richemont intends to study the development of blockage in terms of macroeconomics. Managing the issue will be Jin Kaiyu from China, which last year was part of the management board of the holding. Previously, at the age of 29, she became the youngest assistant professor at the London School of Economics, and also received a number of degrees in Harvard.

According to experts’ estimates, by 2023 the blocking business will become a billion-dollar business only in the telecommunications industry. Now it accounts for a small $ 46.6 million.

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