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The Guardian: Facebook’s advertising algorithms labeled 65,000 Russians as “traitors to their homeland”

The company explained that the category was included with “taking into account its historical significance.”

Advertising algorithms Facebook automatically marked 65,000 Russians as “interested in high treason,” The Guardian reported referring to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Algorithms analyze users, using these data to compose their profiles for advertising targeting. For targeting of what kind of advertising this category is needed, they were not specified in the company, but they removed journalists after the appeal.

State treason was included as a category taking into account its historical significance. Given that this is illegal, we removed it from the category of interests.

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Despite the fact that Facebook does not provide user data to third parties, advertisers can still see them through the public access tools of the company, writes The Guardian. For example, they can run an advertisement only for residents of Russia and marked as “interested in state change”, and then write down the IP addresses of those who went through advertising.

July 11 it became known that the Russian holding Mail.Ru Group had access to the information of Facebook users after the tightening of the confidentiality policy of the social network. The holding claims that it used user data from Facebook only in “commercial interests while promoting its products within this social network”. The American Democratic senator demanded an investigation against Facebook.

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