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Rap, guitar playing, and cycling: how the President of Turkmenistan is vacationing

Recreation of the head of one of the most closed countries in the world – in four screenshots and one video.

On July 10, the YouTube channel of the Chronicle of Turkmenistan published a video of the first days of the holiday of the country’s President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. In the National Tourist Zone “Avaza”, which is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea, along with him came his sixteen-year-old grandson Kerimguly.

The information portal of Turkmenistan reported that during the holiday the president will try to “devote time to studying music, or writing and scientific work”, But Berdymukhamedov did not forget about active rest. At the beginning of the video, along with his grandson, they ride along an empty asphalt road on bicycles.

Screenshot from the video “Chronicle of Turkmenistan”
After that, they visited the gym: the politician made several approaches to squatting with the barbell, and his grandson mastered a simulator-butterfly.

Then they moved on to more active recreation – they played tennis, both in the usual and in the table.

The president also managed to create creativity: he finished work on the poem “Sports Turkmenistan”, dedicated to the international rally between the cities of Amul and Khazar. After that, together with his grandson, he composed music for the words of the new work.

The first days of the President’s holiday ended with a joint rap-performance of the composition. The first part of the song is devoted to sport and the “Silk Road from Amulia to Khazar” – in Turkmen it was read by the head of state himself. The second verse was performed by his grandson, but already in English.

How beautiful is Avaza. Waves and birds of the Caspian Sea sing in unison. Life in the Motherland is so beautiful.

excerpt from the text of the song “Sports Turkmenistan”

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