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Music AC / DC and Guns N ‘Roses was harmful to ladybirds

A group of scientists at the Mississippi University in practice tested the long-held hypothesis that heavy music harms living organisms. For the study, they chose ladybirds that eat aphids on plants. They included different compositions and observed changes in behavior.

It turned out that the music of AC / DC, Guns N ‘Roses and Lynyrd Skynyrd had a negative impact on the control group of insects: they ate half as many aphids as without audio. Moreover, even the soybean plants themselves were on average 25% less than those that grew in silence.

At the same time, the compositions of American country musician Will Nelson did not have such a negative effect on ladybirds and plants.

The reason for such results is not known reliably. Scientists believe that the whole thing is in the abundance of bass. Presumably, vibrations prevent God’s cows from detecting aphids: insects do not have ears, they perceive sounds through wave vibrations.

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