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In South Korea anti-immigration protests due to 550 migrants from Yemen

Yemenis took advantage of the loophole that was quickly closed. Koreans go to rallies.

In South Korea, massive anti-immigration rallies because of the four hundred Yemeni refugees who took advantage of the loophole. Hundreds of people are at rallies in Seoul, and about 700,000 people signed a petition on the official website of the President of South Korea.

Koreans are explained by the fact that migrants from Yemen have places for migration where they are closer than South Korea. “It is clear that Europe accepts migrants, it’s still their former colonies, but South Korea has nothing to do with this”

What kind of loophole? How did the migrants from Yemen come to South Korea? The problem is that there is Jeju Island, where there is a visa-free regime closed after this incident with migrants.

Yemen is a poor country where women have almost no rights. We are afraid of increasing crime.

Unknown participant in the rally in the center of Seoul
Yemeni refugees

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