In Russia, released Nokia 3310 with gold bas-reliefs of Putin and Trump

The Russian brand Caviar has released the next creation – a button phone Peacemakers based on Nokia 3310 with bas-reliefs of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump on the back cover. This is a miniature miniature with portraits of presidents, depicted against the background of the globe. As follows from the description, around the composition there is an elegant wreath of olive branches, the dove of the world crowns the picture.

The background for the composition is a white composite jade panel of acacia honey. The phone’s body is made of titanium and is covered with “golden titanium”: it is titan, heated to the state of plasma and deposited on the titanium surface using the PVD technique. The technique allows to achieve gold color and radiance and, besides, repeatedly strengthen the resistance of the coating to damage, corrosion and tarnishing.

The central control button is decorated with an engraved crown.

The mobile phone will cost 162 thousand Russian rubles (about $ 2,6 thousand)

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