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In Hollywood, the story of the rescue of schoolchildren from a cave in Thailand

Producer personally visited the caves during the rescue operation.

The football team Wild Boars (“Wild Vepras”) before the incident

Production company Pure Flix will adapt the story of saving school children who are stuck in a flooded cave in Thailand. The film is planned to be shot in Thailand for 30-60 million dollars. The founder of the studio and producer Michael Scott said about this edition of The Hollywood Reporter .

Scott spent several days on the site of the rescue operation, since from time to time he lives in Thailand. He talked with some of the 90 divers who rescued children and family members of schoolchildren. With teenagers, he has not yet been able to talk, since they are in quarantine.

The producer noted that he was inspired by the “courage and heroism” that he saw. However, an even more “personal” story for him was when one of the rescuers diedon the way back after delivering oxygen to the teens – the diver was a friend of his wife.

It’s not just about the film, it’s about saluting everyone who participated [in the rescue operation], including the deceased soldier. It was a truly team effort involving British, Australians, Americans, Thai people and divers who told us incredible stories.

Michael Scott

Typically, Pure Flix Entertainment is engaged in the production of Christian paintings: the most famous painting of the company is the drama “God’s Not Dead” (God’s Not Dead), which raised $ 64 million at the box office with a budget of $ 2 million. According to Scott, this time the emphasis on Christianity is “not necessary.”

In the coming weeks the company will look for writers, Adam Smith from Kaos Entertainment will also take part in the production. The film is planned to be shot in Thailand.

On June 23, the football team Wild Boars and their coach went to the cave complex, the entrance to which was soon flooded due to a heavy rain. The group remained locked in an air pocket for 9 days without food and with limited air. The Thai authorities considered various options for saving children, including support for their supplies until the end of the rainy season.

Ilon Mask, whose engineers have developed a special submarine for rescuing children, also offered their help in the operation . However, rescuers decided that it was “impractical” for the operation and began evacuating schoolchildren with the help of divers. July 10 in Thailand, completed the rescue operation, bringing the last students and their coach to the hospital.

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