HTC will show the smartphone Exodus on the blockade in the fall

In mid-May 2018, HTC announced the development of the block-smartphone Exodus. By now, we only know that it works on Android, but it has additional hardware protection and specialized applications. HTC has not yet talked about the appearance of the mobile phone, nor about its filling and cost.

Now the company said that the “cryptosmartphone” will be presented in the coming fall. One of its chips, apparently, will be a pre-installed game Cryptokitties. True, it will also appear on U12 +, so Exodus, Mashable writes , will not become the first “crypto-friend” smartphone HTC.

It is not known what hopes the Taiwanese manufacturer places on an unusual smartphone. Now HTC is going through hard times (not the first time, however), so it was forced to fire about 1,5 thousand employees in the hope of achieving profitability.

The Exodus price can approach $ 1000. This follows from a response from HTC representative to the question of the journalist The Verge, who mentioned the world’s first Finney smartphone: “The price will be comparable.”

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