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Croatian football player Vida apologized for the slogan “Glory to Ukraine”

The stands whistled every time a football player touched the ball in a game with England.

Croatian footballer Domagoi Vida apologized on the air of the TV channel “Russia 24” for the video, where he says “Glory to Ukraine” and “This is a victory for Ukraine”. Video Wada and member of the coaching staff of the Croatians Ognjen Vukojevic recorded after the victory in the match with Russia on July 7.

During the game Croatia-England, which was held on June 12, the fans booed Vida every time he touched the ball. After the game, the correspondent of “Russia 24” asked the player, did not embarrass his whistle from the stands.

No [did not embarrass], I made a mistake. I want to apologize again to the Russian people. Sorry, this is life, we must learn from mistakes,

Interview with the correspondent of “Russia 24”

According to the “SportExpress”, after the interview, Vida apologized for the second time. He explained that he “conveyed greetings to friends, the Kiev cafe”, the newspaper writes. The football player also noted that he respects “Ukrainians, Russians, and Serbs, with whom he played and plays in the same club”
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