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Check the movie myth: can I kill a chain of handcuffs from a gun

Now it is not so often as before, but nevertheless it is possible to meet fighters, in which heroes famously with the help of a pistol solve one of the problems of handcuffs. If you believe the cinema, it is enough to pull the chain connecting bracelets, and then from a short distance to palm between them. The steel is shattered, the hands are almost free, and you can open the locks with the first paper clip.

A popular American video blogger and fan of weapons, Edwin Sarkisian, decided to check out this film world, armed with a 9-mm pistol, common for policemen, and a police version of handcuffs. “If bad guys take a gun from a cop, they’ll try to get rid of it with shackles,” Edwin explains. To use his own hands or his friends, the merry fellow did not.

Shot after shot, the chains of the chain were deformed, but did not succumb to bullets. Not even a pump shotgun helped. Apparently, such a method will lead, at best, to the fact that the chained person will lose his hands. Well, then he can remove the bracelets.

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