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“Yandex” for a day sold the first batch of “Yandeks.Stantsii” and announced the start of pre-orders for July 11

So far, the “smart” column could only be bought near the office of the company.

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“Yandex” announced the completely sold out first installment of its “smart” column “Yandeks.Stantsiya” almost seven hours after the opening of sales. In a conversation with , the company representative declined to disclose the exact number of purchased devices.

In the “Yandex” also disclosed the date of the beginning of the pre-order – July 11. From this day it will be possible to arrange the purchase of a column on the site with free delivery throughout Russia. The minimum waiting period is unknown, but the company promised to deliver all orders to customers within 90 days.

“Yandex” so far sells “Yandeks.Stantsiyu” only in one outlet – in its own store-museum in Moscow. Those wishing to purchase the device got in the queue from the early morning.

The official price of “Yandeks.Stantsii” is 9990 rubles. Already on the first day of sales on the ads sites there were messages from resellers offering a column with a mark-up.

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