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Wapes with nicotine proved to be no better than cigarettes

German scientists conducted another study on the possible impact of electronic steam generators on human health. Supporters of the paper often hold the opinion that such devices are either completely harmless, or have much less influence on health in comparison with cigarettes.

Those who have studied the matter more thoroughly understand that nicotine fluids can adversely affect health, but do not consider this effect significant or noticeable (there is no burning process, other aspects are ignored). Scientists from the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Germany believe otherwise.

It turned out that the effect of wakes on the cardiovascular system of a person is about the same as that of cigarettes, and sometimes even surpasses it. Thus, users of electronic cigarettes with nicotine increased peripheral pressure was observed for 45 minutes, ordinary cigarettes – 15 minutes. Similarly, the situation with an increased heart rate: 45 minutes for wakes and 30 minutes for cigarettes. Non-nicotine fluids did not influence these parameters.

Thus, scientists believe, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in smokers and vapers is roughly the same. They intend to continue research, studying the effect of electronic steam generators on human health, including long-term.

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