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“VKontakte” invited to work a 16-year-old creator of the community of non-existent Tyumen car wash

To begin with, he will have to undergo an internship.

Arkady Lamin, photo from the page “VKontakte”

“VKontakte” invited Arkady Lamin from Vologda, creator of the humorous community “Avtomoyka Str. Herzen, 94 Tyumen For the shopping center “Voyage”, for a month gathered more than 10 thousand subscribers.

According to the director of the marketing company Alexander Kruglov, Arkady became “one of the best creative people this year,” and it’s time for him to reach a new level. VKontakte was promised to use its SMM-talent to promote its products.

Earlier in an interview with  Arkady told that he created the community together with a friend for the sake of joking, “to shock ordinary people from the province who want to wash their nine”. Some Tyumen media accepted him at face value and began to discuss the aggressive style of the group’s conduct, and screenshots from it scattered over the Runet.

About himself, Arkady said that he is 16 years old, he studies at school, reads books about art and draws pictures.

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