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UK fined Facebook for half a million pounds due to scandal with Cambridge Analytica

This is the maximum penalty under the UK Data Protection Act.

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Accountable to the British Parliament, the Office of the Information Commissioner fined Facebook for 500 thousand pounds sterling (more than 600 thousand dollars) because of the leakage of personal data of millions of users through the British company Cambridge Analytica. This is the first fine of the company Mark Zuckerberg and the largest possible under British law, the British edition of The Times reported .

Facebook was found guilty of violating the Data Protection Act of 1998. The company did not ensure the security of the personal data of users and was not transparent in how this information is used by third parties in the future, the commissioner concluded.

Fines and prosecutions punish the guilty, but my real goal is to bring about change, and to restore confidence in our democratic system.

Elizabeth Denham
British Commissioner for Information

The amount of the fine, most likely, will not be significant for Facebook. As noted byThe Guardian, in the first quarter of the year the company received 500 thousand pounds sterling of income every five and a half minutes. British authorities explained that they can not impose a more serious penalty because of the statute of limitations of offenses. Otherwise, according to the updated data protection law, an American company would face a fine of up to 17 million pounds ($ 22.5 million) or up to 4% of the world turnover ($ 1.9 billion).

The scandal around Cambridge Analytica unfolded in March when it became known that she had access to “portraits” of 50 million people, bypassing the rules of Facebook and based on them, set up advertising for the campaign of Donald Trump. The company denied its guilt, but eventually lost all clients and declared bankruptcy. Zuckerberg spoke to US politicians and announced a change in the confidentiality policy in the social network.

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