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The hacker sold the manual to the military drony for $ 200

At one of the hacker forums in early summer, there was an unusual announcement: a man was selling documentation to the MQ-9 Reaper US military. And the amount he wanted to help out, meager for such valuable information – 150-200 dollars.

As proof, the author of the announcement published several images with drawings of the drone. The buyer was not found – apparently, the acquisition of such a lot was too risky. Specialists of the company Recorded Future contacted the hacker and found out that the documents were received because of the vulnerability  in the routers of two years ago.

Then the same hacker put up for sale another set of documents, which he received, apparently, from the Pentagon or the US Army. They contain information on training techniques (including for tank units), as well as survival tactics for fighters.

It is reported that the seller of documents – a member of a small team of hackers from South America.

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