Marketers often go on the trick to attract attention to the product. Everyone, for example, knows the inscription “+ 15% for the same price” – what’s actually in the box, God knows. Another popular method is to make the packaging brighter, bigger, more noticeable. Then it will be difficult to miss on the counter.

The founder of the advertising agency Siege Media decided to check how much “content” is contained in packages of popular brands of chips. He graphically demonstrated in percentage terms how much the chips themselves occupy, and what is the air. The resource Boredpanda drew attention to the work done. Unfortunately, not all the names will be familiar, but there are among them those present in Belarusian stores.

On average, Ross Hudgens calculated, the air in the package accounts for 43% of its volume. It turns out that out of ten trucks carrying Doritos, for example, nine air are transported. He emphasizes that this is not ordinary air, but a nitrogen mixture preventing oil spoilage.