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Poisoned by “Novice” Briton from Amesbury came to consciousness

His companion died two days earlier.

Charlie Rowley. Photo News Limited
Charlie Rowley. Photo News Limited

The 45-year-old resident of Amesbury, Charlie Rouly, who was hospitalized on June 29 with poisoning by Novice, regained consciousness. He is still in critical condition, the BBC reported referring to Salisbury Hospital.

July 8, Rowley’s companion – 44-year-old Don Sturges (Dawn Sturgess) – died without regaining consciousness. The head of the British Ministry of Defense laid the responsibility for the death of a woman from a neuroparalytic to Russia.

Presumably, Rowley and Sturgess could receive a critical dose of “Novice” during a visit to Salisbury: they allegedly spent several hours near the bench, where they found Julia and Sergei Skripaley.

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