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How to get a US green card to a Russian citizen in 2018

It seems that the ocean and grass are greener, and money? We tell whether it is really possible to get a Green Card USA to a Russian citizen, despite the sanctions, and how to do it.

What is a green card

Green-card (Green Card) is a special identification card that allows you to legally stay in the US. In fact, this is one of the most common ways of emigrating to the States.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) deals with applications and issuing green cards. The card can be issued for 2 years or immediately for 10 years, then it can be extended.

With a green card, you can freely enter and leave (for up to a year) from the United States, as well as without visas to visit countries with which the States have concluded relevant agreements. If you work legally in the United States for more than 10 years, you will have access to pensions, some types of financial assistance and subsidies.

You can also arrange insurance, take a mortgage, use tax benefits. With a green card is allowed to buy real estate, cars and even weapons.

Finally, the owner of the green card can pick up close relatives in the US – spouses and children under the age of 21. They will also be given green cards.

But remember that, along with the rights, there are responsibilities. For example, if you receive a green card, you will have to pay all the same taxes and fees as US citizens. And there, taking into account the incomes, everything is much stricter and more complex than in the Russian Federation.

Green card is not equal to citizenship

A lucky person who received a green card can really live, study and work in the United States. But only five years after receiving the treasured document and permanent residence in the US with a green card, it is allowed to apply for citizenship. And not the fact that it will be approved.

Also with the green card you can not participate in elections, leave the States for more than a year (the card is canceled). There are restrictions in obtaining subsidies and government benefits.

If you are suspected of espionage or terrorism, or if you committed a serious crime, the card will be taken away. In addition, a green card can be canceled for regular complaints of neighbors to an immorality and noisy drinking, for driving under the influence of alcohol, public brawls, etc. A citizen of the United States for this from the country will not be expelled.

How can I get a green card

Do you think that a green card is just a prize in a lottery? In fact, there are many more options:

  • Family reunification with relatives in the United States.
  • Marriage with a US citizen.
  • Investments in the economy.
  • Availability of a business card.
  • Receiving asylum for religious, political and other reasons, the presence of refugee status.
  • Applying for an employee who has an official US work visa.
  • That is the diversification lottery.

Who was luckier than most

Those who have close relatives in the United States . Such candidates may not participate in the lottery, but fill out an application for family reunification.

The owner of the green card can be reunited with the spouse and unmarried children of any age, including stepchildren and adopted children. US citizens have a broader list: in addition to spouses, you can pick up brothers, sisters, parents (including foster children), as well as children (married and unmarried, of any age).

But here too, there are quotas, so spouses and children usually get green cards faster, and brothers and sisters, for example, can wait up to 10 years.

Often, for the green card, a fictitious marriage is concluded . This was well shown in the series “Doctor House”. Potential brides and grooms will have to prove that marriage is not fictitious, that they have been together for more than two years, have been cooperating together, and so on. This must be confirmed by checks, photos, posts in social networks, etc.

Getting a green card in connection with employment is the easiest for gifted scientists, medical workers, religious figures, managers and top managers, holders of scarce professions and other professionals who are of interest to the US authorities and employers.

Another option is to invest at least $ 1 million in the economy. This will create a minimum of 10 jobs and will benefit the US. Option cheaper – to invest 500 thousand dollars, but to the company in rural areas or in a region with high unemployment.

Finally, refugees who fled the country because of wars, political unrest, are persecuted by the authorities, can also get a green card. But the evidence must be very serious, there are few cases of issuing such green cards.

How to win a green card in the lottery

Since 1995, the US authorities annually hold a lottery, in which 50 thousand green cards are played. They are distributed among the representatives of countries where from the USA within the last five years under the programs of working immigration or family reunification in the USA have entered less than 50 thousand people. Russia participates in the lottery with DV-2010.

Why the US lottery with green cards? It is assumed that a society made up of representatives of different ethnic, religious and racial backgrounds is more tolerant and open to various innovations. So – more progressive. Moreover, this is an eternal lever, the pressure of some political forces on others.

True, incumbent President Donald Trump in November 2017 urged Congress to abandon the lottery , and to this day has not changed its position.

So it’s worth either hurry up, or wait until Trump is replaced by the next president. But in general the lottery is being tried to cancel almost once in 2-3 years, and at the last moment someone always opposes.

Participate in the lottery to receive a green card is free . And even though every year there are no restrictions.

For each country quotas for participation are established – no more than 7% of questionnaires from the total. Participate can be people with a completed secondary education or work experience of at least two years from the last five years in the profession, without a criminal past and with good health.

What are the chances of success?

Annually about 10 million questionnaires are submitted for participation in the lottery. And there are only 50,000 places. So only one of the 200 lucky ones gets a green card.

Winners randomly determine the computer system among people who have passed a manual check. Lajfak: if both husband and wife submit a questionnaire for participation, then if at least one of them wins a green card, the second will receive it automatically.

The bad news: in 2018 you will not have time to get a green card. And even in 2019.

This year the questionnaires are accepted from October 3 to November 7. The drawing will take place in the spring of 2019, the results will be published on the site .

The winners will have to confirm their intentions on the site, get an interview in the American embassy, ​​take a medical examination, collect a long list of documents. And only if everything is OK, you will be given a green card DV-2020 – for emigration in 2020.

By the way, more than once there were cases when the last applicants simply did not have time to pass the interview on time. They must have been the most offensive to them all.

On the other hand, in 2017, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea and Great Britain (with the exception of Northern Ireland).

Russia is still on the list. So, there are chances.

How to fill out a form

To begin with, you need to wait for the opening of applications (for 2020 – October 3, 2018). The questionnaires are accepted ONLY on the site , there are no other representations at the lottery.

When the site starts accepting questionnaires, it will look something like this:

Three main buttons:

  • DV-2020 Instructions – official instructions for completing the questionnaire;
  • Photo Tool – a tool that will help to adjust the photo to the required standards;
  • Begin Entry – the button that sends to the form.

The questionnaire in English, consists of several parts, the time for filling each is limited. But it’s pretty simple and straightforward. Most importantly – clearly follow the instructions and do not try to deceive the system. They will expose the lies, the questionnaire will be excluded from the drawing.

Applying several questionnaires from one person is prohibited. Try this way to increase your chances – disqualify.

The photo for the questionnaire should be colored, square, on a light background, with a resolution of at least 600×600 pixels and made in the last six months. The template on the site allows you to scale it so that the person occupies the desired percentage of the frame. If you have a husband / wife or children, prepare not only your photo, but also them.

After completing the questionnaire, the system will give you a confirmation code. Do not lose it – the code will be required to check if you won the green card on this page .

Be careful, scammers!

There are a lot of companies that help formulate forms for obtaining a green card and almost guarantee success. How to recognize scammers:

  1. They say that they are official representatives of the lottery. The program has a single site , nowhere else will the questionnaire be accepted.
  2. They require a minimum of information from you – obviously less than you need for a questionnaire.
  3. They promise to increase the chances of success. This is technically impossible, you can only increase the chances that the questionnaire is not excluded from the drawing.
  4. Content is satisfied with the photo from the page in the social network – on a dark background, cloudy, blurred, etc.
  5. Provide screenshots of the completed questionnaire in the period when the reception of applications is still closed or has already been completed (in this case until October 3 and after November 7, 2018).
  6. Generally do not provide screenshots of the completed questionnaire.
  7. They say they will contact you by phone or by e-mail. The participant carries out the check by himself according to the code.
  8. They take money for participation in the lottery. Direct participation is free of charge, money can only be taken for help in completing the questionnaire.

Usually scam sites guarantee the receipt of a green card. But in the contract (if at all it is concluded) they register “Assistance in completing the questionnaire”. To go to court is useless.


For many, a green card is a lucky ticket and the path to America’s citizenship. But do not forget that in the lottery it wins 1 of 200. Maybe it’s easier to earn a million dollars or to master a promising profession? You look, and the green card will not be needed …

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