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Elon Musk questioned the competence of the Thai authorities who did not use his submarine to save children

The businessman criticized the head of the rescue operation.

Elon Musk stated that the head of the rescue operation in Thailand, Narongsak Osatanakorn is in fact “not an expert in this field”, but simply a former governor of the Thai province, who headed the operation. A real expert on saving people from caves, he called the diver Dick Stanton, who, along with another British diver, discovered the missing schoolchildren.

As proof of his correctness, Musk published a screenshot of his correspondence with Stanton. In messages, the diver asked the entrepreneur to continue working on the device.

“The former governor of the province of Thailand (inaccurately described as the” head of the rescue operation “) is not an expert in this field. So is Dick Stanton, who also led a team of divers. Here is our correspondence “

As The Guardian noted , Narongsak admitted though that the U-boat Mask was working, but stated that it was “impractical” to use it to save children from the cave.

Despite the fact that their equipment is technically complex, it is not suitable for our mission of descending into the cave. 

Narongsak Ostacatorn
salvage operation head

It is unclear why Mask called Narongsaka “the unreal head of the rescue operation.” In the press, the former governor officially appears under this post. In addition, Narongsak talked with journalists and gave them operational information about the situation.

On July 10 rescuers finished the evacuation of schoolchildren, who were stuck in a flooded cave for two weeks. The Thai authorities considered various options for saving children, including support for their supplies until the end of the rainy season.

Ilon Mask offered his help in the operation . Engineers of his company SpaceX have developed a mini-submarine, which can accommodate one adult and which can be carried by two divers. By the time the businessman flew with her to Thailand, the children have already begun to evacuate with the help of divers

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