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Addicts use Apple Watch and Fitbit to avoid an overdose. Doctors believe that this is an illusion of safety

In their opinion, this can force to use even more drugs than usual.

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Drug users who use cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine, spids and other drugs have startedusing smart watches Apple Watch and Fitbit bracelets to track the pulse. They think that in this way they can prevent an overdose or stop the heart, but doctors think this is not the best idea. A new application of fitness technology found the publication CNBC.

Journalists found references to Fitbit and Apple Watch in numerous Reddit forums dedicated to drugs, as well as in Twitter and other social networks.

Usually someone says “let’s make a path, I’ll look at my watch”. If there are 150 or 160 beats per minute, then everything is fine.

from CNBC material

Drug addicts stop taking drugs while increasing certain values ​​of the pulse. They believe that in this way they prevent the risk of a heart attack. However, doctors believe that this is an illusion of safety.

According to the cardiologist and professor of the University of California Ethan Weiss (Ethan Weiss), the use of cocaine also affects the heart rhythm and blood pressure. Modern devices have not yet learned to track these parameters, especially in real time.

The doctor noted that such a way to prevent an overdose can even be counterproductive. In his opinion, dependent people will use even more cocaine, considering it to be safe, until the limit is reached.

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