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“You’re just a space, Stas”: the head coach of the Russian national team was criticized in social networks before the World Cup-2018 – now everything has changed

From “dismiss Cherchesova” to “Cherchesov – genius” for a week.

Cherchesov salutes Artiom Dzyuba after a goal against Saudi Arabia. Getty Photos
June 19, the Russian national football team defeated Egypt in the second match of the home World Cup – this victory almost led them to the playoffs, for the first time since the USSR. After the game, among the main characters of the team were called not only Golovin, Dzyuba or Cheryshev, but also head coach Stanislav Cherchesov. Although even a day before the start of the World Cup 2018, many journalists and users of social networks believed that it was his weakest figure in the team.

To Cherchesov there were many claims: he arrogantly behaved at press conferences, Russia extremely unsuccessfully played in friendly matches and could not win in any way, the national team did not call midfielder Igor Denisov, who had a conflict with the coach. A few weeks before the first match of the tournament, the specialist dramatically changed the placement of players on the field, which was played specially for the 2018 World Cup. It was under Cherchesov that the Russian team dropped to the 70th place in the FIFA rating.

There were those who supported Cherchesov. For example, Ivan Urgant launched a flashmob # of a desire for love , dedicated to the Russian coach. But after the victories over Saudi Arabia and Egypt with a total score of 8-1, he had much more personal fans. Someone praised him as a joke, someone – in earnest

What journalists wrote about Cherchesov before the 2018 World Cup

Stanislav Cherchesov, I understand that for a year and a half you have been living in the regime of “nothing to strive for”: you are the coach of the Russian national team; you play only friendly matches, and whatever they end, on the air of the main sports channel you caress a good acquaintance Yura Cherdantsev; a very specific dismissal will pass you by (because Bukharov scores Belgium in the 92nd minute); you are on a horse, all at your feet, someone – total football, you – total euphoria.

But any euphoria is always replaced by a heavy hangover. You have it, most likely, will come on June 19, when your team will fall under one of the best football players of our time – Mohamed Salah.

Yuri Dudy

It is impossible to understand the logic of a layman. The team has been trained for a long time by a copper statue of Cherchesov. You can only hope for a lucky chance. I do not know what else to say. I would like to try to talk less about the national team.

Vasily Utkin

Why Dzuba instead of Chalov, if the coaches have never run the system with a large striker? Why Cheryshev, and not much more diverse Tashayev?

The films “Movement Up” and “Coach” perfectly illustrate the difference between attitudes towards football and all other sports in Russia. While other athletes in the eyes of Russians are heroes who glorify the Fatherland, beating Americans, football is considered scorched earth, covered with three layers of shit. It is unfortunate that because of one management error after the World Cup, this stereotype will only become stronger.

Nikita Bobylev
Eurosport columnist

What they wrote about Cherchesov before the 2018 World Cup in social networks

TV channel “Che” in honor of the national team coach changed its name in social networks to “Stanislav Che”.

After the final whistle of the match with Egypt, the commentator of “Russia 1” Vladimir Stognienko included on the phone the song of the group “Leningrad” under the title “You are just a space, Stas” and put the device to your microphone.

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