Why did Apple actually release iOS 11.4.1

Last night Apple released the final version of the minor update iOS 11.4.1 . It would seem that developers should focus on finalizing a new iOS 12, but programmers continue to finish iOS 11.4. What for?

Everything turned out to be much more interesting than just correctly displaying the geo position of the AirPods headset in the Find iPhone application.

The fact is that in iOS 12 there will be a special mode of prohibiting hacking iOS devices on the cable Lightning. In the settings this item is called USB-accessories . Given that the release of the system is planned only in September, Apple decided not to hesitate and added the corresponding item settings in iOS 11.4.1.

In the Settings -> Face ID (Touch ID) and password-code, the same mode of protection by USB appeared.

Considering that law enforcement bodies use the opportunity to bypass the code-password through devices like GrayKey , Apple decided to close this opportunity. This was the main reason for the release of iOS 11.4.1. TheVerge ]

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