This is the grayKey spy gadget. He hacks any iPhone!

Last week, there was information about the company Grayshift , which hacked any iPhone on iOS 11. Today they also published photos of the device GrayKey, through which there is a hack.

GrayKey is a small gray box with two Lightning connectors. Two iPhones can be connected immediately, and they need to be connected for about two minutes to install proprietary software designed to guess the access code.

After installing the software, the hacking process starts. For a four-digit code, a few hours are sufficient, for a six-figure code, several days.


Once the GrayKey software has cracked the access code, it will be displayed directly on the smartphone screen. Then you can connect the iPhone back to GrayKey to download all the data, including the unencrypted content of the Keychain . This information can be accessed through a computer.

The device is capable of hacking any iPhone running iOS 11.2.5 and below. It is assumed that iOS 11.2.6 also does not close the vulnerability necessary for hacking. But it is not exactly.

There are two versions of GrayKey – for $ 15 thousand and $ 30 thousand. The first works only through the Internet, the second is completely autonomous. 9to5 ]

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