World Championship2018

The Football Federation of Ukraine compensates Vukojevic for the FIFA penalty

And provide legal support, if required.

Domagoi Vida and Ognjen Vukojevic – former players of Dynamo Kyiv, who dedicated their team’s victory to this club

“I personally and the leadership of the Football Federation decided to compensate Ognen Vukojevic for the fine that was imposed on him. And if he makes his decision on employment, offer him, with his experience, work in the Football Federation of Ukraine, “- said the president of FFU Andrei Pavelko in communication with reporters.

In addition, Pavlenko assured that Vukoevitch will be provided with legal and material assistance in case of an appeal.

According to the FIFA decision, Ognjen Vukojević must pay the organization a fine of $ 15,000. This is due to the words “Glory to Ukraine!” And “Dynamo Kyiv, this victory is for you”, which he pronounced after the victory of his team, the Croatian national team, over the Russian national team in the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

The Croatian Football Association decided to remove Vukojevic from office until the end of the championship.

Such a decision was negatively received by Ukrainian fans, who collapsed the FIFA Facebook page rating to a record low 1.1. As a result, FIFA disabled the ability to rate your page on this social network.

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