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The developer of the game for MS-DOS collected $ 113,000 for his project

The developer of the game Planet X3, which is the sequel to Planet X2 (unexpectedly), successfully financed the project using the Kickstarter site. The goal of David Murray was a much smaller amount – only $ 30 thousand, but there were many who wanted to support the strategy and as a result, the amount already exceeded $ 113 thousand. Incidentally, Planet X2, published last year, was also intended for Commodore 64.

David Murray financed the development of Planet X2 on his own, selling as a result of 800 copies of the game against 500 planned. To continue have already issued much more pre-orders.

The programmer could not explain whether the development of games for the ancient OS is different from modern ones – he never did it. “Programming for MS-DOS – forgotten art”, – said Murray.

Planet X3 will be sold both in digital form, and on floppy disks (3,5- and 5,25-inch). This, by the way, is one of the problems – to contain content in a very limited space. In addition, the headache was the issue of supporting VGA-graphics, which requires more space and is incredibly demanding on the amount of video memory.

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