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The chain of events: From the cry “Glory to Ukraine” by the Croatian national team player before the sanctions and resignations

The scandal around the football team arose at the most inopportune time – after the victory over Russia and before the game with England.

The player of the Croatian national team Domagoi Vida and member of the coaching staff Ognjen Vukojevic

After defeating Russia in the 1/4 finals of the World Cup, defender Croatian national team Domagoi Vida and coach Ognen Vukoevych recorded a video with a shout “Glory to Ukraine” and laid it out in Instagram. Vida played in the Dynamo Kyiv from 2013 to 2018, and Vukojevic – from 2008 to 2015, after which he stayed to work in the club scout.

The movie became the cause of the sports scandal and led to a series of apologies, FIFA sanctions and the first resignation from the Croatian coaching staff. But the rule of the organizers, according to which the policy at such tournaments is prohibited, was criticized.

The night of July 8 – video

In Vukojevic’s instagram after the victory over Russia, a video appeared where Vida shouted “Glory to Ukraine!”, And Vukojevic adds: “This is a victory for Dynamo and Ukraine.” The original video was removed after it was noticed by the media, but in social networks its copies were preserved.

July 8 – Resonance

Russian media, including non-core media, made one of the main events of the day out of the video and its consequences. The act of the two Croats was criticized, including the former head of the press service of the Russian Football Union (“These guys are impregnated with Russophobia”), the Serbian Ambassador to Russia (“There should be no politics in sports”), several State Duma deputies (” on debates “) and the senators of the Federation Council (” They were always traitors “,” If they really thanked the club they played, they could use the slogan that is fascist in Ukraine “).

July 8 – explanations

In a conversation with journalists, Vida explained the video (“” called her provocative) a joke in which there was allegedly no politics: “I have friends there [from Ukraine] since the time of Dynamo Kiev, I had nothing in view . I do not want to interfere with football and politics. I love Russians, I love Ukrainians, I love Brazilians, I love everyone, “said the Croatian footballer.

July 8 – FIFA decision on Vide

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee could punish Vida for shouting with a two-match disqualification and a fine, but eventually gave up tough measures. The organization issued a warning to the player.

This is not the first FIFA trial of political gestures at the 2018 World Cup. On June 26, organizers of the championship fined football players of the national team of Switzerland and Kosovar Albanians by birth Granit Jaku and Gerdan Shakiri. The reason was that when celebrating the heads they folded their hands in a symbol from the Albanian flag.

July 9 – apologies

The Croatian Football Union officially apologized for the behavior of Vukojevic before the “Russian public”. Also apologies are given on behalf of Vukojevic and Species. According to the Croatian football authorities, the statements of the athletes did not have “political coloring, but left room for such interpretations”.

July 9 – Vukojević’s resignation

In the same statement, the Croatian Football Union announced the resignation of Vukojevic from the position of one of the coaches of the national team. He was expelled from the official delegation, in the words of the union’s leadership, because of the “controversial clip”. The species in circulation was no longer mentioned, apparently because it had already received a penalty from FIFA.

July 9 – criticism of FIFA

Social networks have received critical reviews of FIFA’s decision because of the organization’s “double standards”.

Some of them also recalled the leader of the Egyptian national team, Mohamed Salah, who received the title of honorary citizen of Chechnya from Ramzan Kadyrov. The media reported that Salah was dissatisfied with the use of himself for political purposes, but in the federation of football of Egypt it was refuted.

July 9 – fine to Vukoevich from FIFA

FIFA fined Vukojevic for 15 thousand Swiss francs (about 943 thousand rubles) for the publication of the video. At the same time, the organization took into account that the athlete made an official apology.

July 9 – preparation for the semi-finals

July 11, Croatia will meet with England in the semifinals of the 2018 World Cup at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. Vida prepares for the match with the team, but it is unknown if he will be released from the first minutes. Before the scandal hardly could have been questioned: Domagoi is one of the main players of the team that scored Russia first with the game, and then in a series of post-match penalties. Croatia’s head coach Zlatko Dalich has already stated that Vida is one of those who should help stop the attackers of England. When asked about the scandal because of the cry, the team coach said that he did not want to “make a story out of this.”

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